Rosie and Rollo Puppies Born 4-2-19

AKC Pointed Smithshire's Ring Around the Rosie AKC Champion Alenclaud Rollo


We are happy to announce the Arrival of Rosie and Rollo’s 9 Puppies. We have 2 Red Females, 3 Tri Females, 1 Red Male and 3 Tri Males. We will be keeping back the best 2 Puppies for ourselves and then looking for a home for the other 4. We do NOT know who we are keeping, and will not know until they are closer to 8 weeks of age. We will accept applications at this time, but please know we will not even go threw them for several weeks. We will not send out a email letting out know it came, we both have full time jobs, and caring for the dogs comes before Emails. Families who are open to either Sex or Color may have a better chance at a puppy, as we will not know who we are keeping. They will be ready to go home after May 28nd, 2019. 

These Puppies will not be at Risk for DM/EIC/vWD, and both Parents have Passing CERFs.

They are $2500 each, Please see our puppy page as to what comes with each puppy.